Shady Token Listings – Bounce.Finance, ANKR & the Keysians (KEN) Project

Recently one of my Twitter followers, @500bitcoins reached out to me to share something interesting regarding the ANKR project, their platform Bounce.Finance and the token listings that are runned on it.

tl;dr: ANKR is operating a ring with shady, potentially fraudulent coin offerings on Bounce.Finance. Including buying activities from bots, wash-trading and e.g. the Keysians project where team members were faked, website had typos everywhere, even in their token ticker. 

In the following I present you the information I have gathered and urge you to think about it. I guess most people who read the following article will come to the same conclusion at the end.

What is ANKR and Bounce.Finance?

ANKR:ANKR makes infrastructure for deploying any blockchain node easy, accessible, affordable and instantly distributed across the globe. […] ANKR’s Kubernetes-native platform scales blockchain projects in an affordable and easy-to-use manner with a data-center-agnostic solution offering global diversity and decentralization.

Bounce.Finance: Platform for fair initial liqudity offerings. So far they run three of those, BOT, STRONG and KEN. 

Bounce (BOT)

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Real sale was filled within seconds by a bot which could have been operated by the team itself, people had to buy at crazy prices in other pools. 

Then later came liquidity mining. At some point you could have get 300 BOT (=300 ETH at that point) per day from using the platform. However, this use was taken up by just a couple of accounts that were wash trading and earning all the BOT.

This is at least suspicious and could again be an operation of insiders/the team itself. 

They were very reluctant to do anything about it, arguing that the wash trading helped fair distribution, etc. – when the community wanted them to turn off liquidity mining until governance would come into play in a few weeks.

But the team refused to do so and just reduced the reward from 300 to 150 BOT per day – what they counted to distribute those BOT was not the overall volume of the trades but. The trading activity, once again, very suspicious.

StrongBlock (STRONG)

This offering was potentially rigged, too. It was sold out within seconds, probably to a bot again and then pumped x30. People were enraged and the next project followed pretty quickly.

Here again, suspicious things: StrongBlock was a “freemium blockchain-as-a-service”-platform when they started in early 2020. They had no token back then:

They didn’t tweeted anything – till the announcement “big things happening”, to which this sudden token listing belongs as we can assume. The medium account was created on 5th August, 3 days before the token offering.

My source told me that when he asked in the StrongBlock Telegram if this sale is really from their team and legit, the CEO of the company confirmed this and told the community that it is legitimate.

While I will cover this token sale in particular soon, I want to focus on the third one that was run on Bounce.Finance, Keysians (KEN).

Keysians (KEN)

This next project was Keysians (KEN)-When my source looked up the project before the token sale he learned that they have an anonymous team, had a typo in their token name and all over the website – but now it comes. 

What they had was a partnership with ANKR and a DeFi/Polkadot narrative and helped to pump the token price:

Ryan Fang (COO ANKR): “Keysians is working with ANKR”

Here a chat where Ryan Fang (COO from ANKR) tries to silence the “fudders” in which he mentions that “Keysians is actually a project really closely working with ANKR”:

And a lame excuse for why they had a typo in their token ticker on the official website.

They just could have paid 0.1 ETH in gas to make a new one and fix it:

KEN (Keysians): “Error 404, Team Members Not Found”

After there was mentioned the fact that there is no information about the team at all, suddenly a site on their website was explored, “”. Meanwhile it is offline again but here are some screenshots from the “team members”: 

I am 99.9% sure that none of those people actually exists. Just try it for yourself. Google their names and try to find out anything about them. One would assume that they all, or at least one has a LinkedIn account. Or a mention of their former universities. 


This information is still pretty raw, but the dots are there and it is up to you to connect them in a manner that makes sense.

To summarize:

  • ANKR: Blockchain Deployment Platform
  • Bounce.Finance: Initial Liquidity Offerings, ANKR Co-Founder started Bounce.Finance
  • Suspicous trading activities during the first three sales
  • Keysians (KEN) with major red flags (fake team members)
  • ANKR COO publicly claiming that ANKR is working together with this project (Keysians)

It doesn’t look good, to say the least. I will dig deeper into this topic, especially the STRONG token sale. For updates bookmark this article or follow me on Twitter.

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