Bitcoin Sidechains, Bitcoin Price Could Go To $17M, Hyperinflation

❶ In this episode I am taking a look at the development of Bitcoin technology. For this I am looking at the topic of sidechains and how they can improve a main-blockchain.

❷ Afterwards we will explore the future of the Bitcoin price. Where can it go over the next 10+ years? Some thought experiments are giving targets of $17,000,000 USD.

❸ At the end I am talking a bit about hyperinflation; what it is, how it develops and what it means in the end.

I hope you enjoyed my second episode and tune in again! The next episode will go live on Sunday till 20:00 CET


(1) Bitcoin Wiki: Sidechain

(2) Bitcoin Rootstock (RSK)

(3) Stock Markets By Market Cap

(4) Gold Marketcap 9 Trillion USD

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