Who I Am

Yannick Eckl. AKA Cryptonator1337. Bitcoin. Economics. Marketing. 50% Nerd, 50% Unknown. 1337!

My Name is Yannick Eckl, in the world of cryptocurrencies better known as Cryptonator1337. I am from Germany, I am 27 years old and a Online Marketer with focus on SEO (since 2008). In early 2017 I began to invest in Bitcoin after I finally recognized what it is all about. I thought I “missed it”, several times, since a long time.. but here we are!

Online Marketing Lead Me Here

Coming from Online Marketing I had a longer journey already. My stations are including the EXOZET GmbH (Part of the Endava Group, worked there as SEO Manager) & qualitytraffic GmbH (SEO Manager) after I had my own former SEO consulting-business, called SEOVENTUS, from 2008 – 2012. I am an in germany known expert in this field and worked with various people and agencies here together.

Fulltime Into Cryptocurrencies – No Risk, No Fun

Nowadays I am working full-time in the Bitcoin & Blockchain-space since 2019. I am researching new projects and tech-developments, writing articles for different cryptocurrency online magazines (e.g. coin-ratgeber.de) and consulting clients regarding online marketing.

More over I am always in for trying something new; e.g. I was Co-Founder of CoinMirror, a dApp for a new way of investing in ICOs – when we were ready, ICOs were gone, end of story.

Meanwhile I am a permanent guest in the glorious world of Crypto Twitter (@Cryptonator1337) and running this podcast!