Digital Nomad. Online Marketer. Cryptocurrency Enthusiast.

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In the world of Cryptocurrencies I am known as ‘Cryptonator1337‘ or ‘CR1337’. I am 30 years old, from Germany, but living abroad as a digital nomad since more than 2 years.

I have worked as a Professional in Online Marketing since 2008. Curious, ambitious as I was, things went quick and I started my first business at the age of 15 – one of the youngest business owners in Germany; ever. Over the years I have worked for various clients, from small enterprises up to multinational corporations, both, as freelancer or inhouse.

My Cryptocurrency Journey started in early 2017 – it did not take long and I was hooked up. For several years I have been full-time in this industry, currently working as a core team member of Navcoin & as a freelance editor and researcher; subscribe here to my Substack:

Digital Nomad

I was always focused on being able to work remote, without a boss, while travelling the world. Two years ago I signed off in Germany and have been travelling ever since as a Digital Nomad (Albania, Greece, Ecuador, Mexico,..).


While hearing about Bitcoin first in 2010, ETH in the ICO phase, I never realized whats happening until early 2017. Since then, it has been quite a ride. I am convinved that blockchain-technology is here to stay.

Private Finance

I am a Privacy Coin maximalist, always exploring new PriFi solutions. Freedom rights are increasingly faltering in our society. Financial privacy in particular is under threat & something must be done about it.

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